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If you encounter these problems ?


Problem one

How to guarantee the equipment quality and after-sales service ?


Problem two

Which company has better price and installation technology.


Problem three

How to solve problem in time if there is any problem go wrong after buying the equipment.

There are 11 years of industry experience in pure water equipment, provide one-to-one service, has been successfully service more than three hundred customers, provide equipment for foxconn, huawei, midea, gree, samsung, BBK.


Adopt international advanced technology and combine with concrete condition and make the best project to meet your needs.


Long guarantee period, low maintenance cost, the water supply system has the advantages of good energy-saving effect, high reliability and full automatic control.


The major provides solutions for you

On-demand customized, cost-effective, stable quality, long service life.
We have an engineering team with professional technical and the company's installation technical has won a high praise form our customers.
According the customer's actual situation to design a suitable solution.
Perfect after-sale service system: from sales, design, installation and after-sale are made by personnel tracking, to provide you with one-stop solution.
About us


   Dongguan Chunyuan Water Treatment Equipment CO., LTD is formerly named Dongguan Dongcheng New Source Water Treatment Equipment Factory, which is a professional high-tech enterprise and specialized in water treatment engineering. The main products include ultrafiltration system (UF), microfiltration system(MF/CMF) and reverse osmosis (RO) membrane water treatment system, continuous electric deion system (EDI) ion exchange system (MB), membrane bioreactor (MBR), electrodialysis (EDI), all kinds of filter equipment and related water treatment equipment, is widely used in electronic industry, such as the solar, semiconductor, electro-optic display of electronic industrial superpurity water preparation, pharmaceutical industry water preparation, steel, electric power industry of boiler water conditioning and in addition to salt water preparation, beverage preparation of industrial water, drinking water purification, as well as various water reuse and wastewater reuse system. It has got the outstanding achievements especially in the plating coating, line version, paper printing, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical chemical industrial wastewater reuse circulation, heavy metal recycling technology patented technology. and got the high attention by industry and well-known media, Hong Kong phoenix satellite TV, "Chinese high-tech industry leader", "guangdong prose poems, the yangcheng evening news", "environmental magazine" and so on have been reported the most potential technology in the 21st century. Meanwhile Chunyuan was one of the first company to engage in EDI development and manufacturing, we have our own independent intellectual property rights of MD series EDI membrane reactor, its technology has broken the monopoly situation in Europe and America, with high and new technology shaping enterprise strength.
   The company perennial invite MD series EDI membrane reactor and equipment in the domestic provinces, municipalities, regional and foreign agents, warmly welcome friends both at home and abroad calls or letter consultation! We look forward to the cooperation with you sincerely.
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Our Commitment

  • 1. Four hours in the province, 24 hours outside the province arrived at the scene and provide alternatives to ensure normal operation.
  • 2. Providing professional after-sales service, regularly tracking to ensure without any problems.
  • 3. Providing quality-reliable products for world top 500 enterprises all the year round.


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